Gabby Petito

How one woman’s disappearance highlights a persistent problem It seems like anyone who has access to social media has heard about Gabby Petito – the tragic story of an Instagram blogger killed by her fiancé after traveling cross-country in a van. The story consumed users on every platform, including TikTok and Instagram. When the news first broke of Petito’s disappearance, social media users turned into detectives in order to try and solve the mystery. People were quick to point fingers at Petito’s boyfriend, who has been missing since Petito’s body was found. Gabby’s disappearance received widespread attention in the news, … Continue reading Gabby Petito

New Student Senate take their seats

Hendrix Student Senate elections took place on February 12, and by that evening, the student body received the last email from 2018-2019 Senate President Hannah Burdette. “On behalf of myself and the Executive Committee, I’d like to say we all feel it has been an honor serving in our positions. I wish all the best to the incoming Senate and urge our campus community to continue approaching important issues with spirits of integrity, humility, compassion, and adaptability.” With 55.7 percent of the vote, Max Parker was elected President along with his Cabinet Secretary, Jack Sparkman, and President’s Assistant, Sara Hoopchuk. … Continue reading New Student Senate take their seats

A new face for Title IX

Note: This story discusses sexual assault, harassment, and gender-based misconduct. On February 27, after months of the #MeToo movement revealing sexual assault in industries from film to finance, 120 Hendrix students filled The Burrow in a demonstration meant to “raise awareness of the pervasiveness of sexual assault and harassment” on campus. The demonstration pointed to ineffective college policies and procedures for handling instances of sexual assault and gender-based misconduct, calling for a more active administrative response, a thorough process of reporting, and enhanced education on consent and sexual assault. Six months later, just a week before the fall semester began, … Continue reading A new face for Title IX