A Slice of Life with Eric the Pizza Guy

As the Hendrix campus prepares to reopen, so do the many different departments and services that Hendrix offers. Many students are impatiently waiting to return to their dorms and jobs on campus, but another place that many students are looking forward to seeing again is the cafeteria. The cafeteria is the hub of Hendrix life, and the directors and staff of the cafeteria have been working tirelessly to make sure that the reopening goes as smoothly and positively as possible. One of the most well-known members of the cafeteria staff is Eric Jones, or as students know him, Eric the … Continue reading A Slice of Life with Eric the Pizza Guy

Orientation and Uncertain Times

By Lauren Allen “You should be super proud of yourself,” Dr. McKim told the students who showed up to her TEC class, Ethics and Hope in Film, a few minutes early. Like many Hendrix professors, McKim understands the unique situation that students are experiencing right now. However, despite the positive affirmations, many students are feeling overwhelmed and under-validated. These feelings are resonating particularly well with Freshmen students. “I think it’s easy to become disillusioned with our school right now, especially because we have no memories tied to the campus yet,” one freshman said. Where classes are concerned, low motivation seems … Continue reading Orientation and Uncertain Times

Just How Liberal is Hendrix?

By Danielle Kuntz When you tell friends or family that you go to Hendrix College, the chances are that they comment about “that liberal school,” and they’re not just talking about the fact that Hendrix is a liberal arts college. No matter how that phrase is understood, Hendrix is known for having a very forward-thinking student body. In light of the 2020 election and the prevalence of activism in the Hendrix community, I was curious as to whether or not we, the students of Hendrix College, are truly as liberal as we think we are. With the help of other … Continue reading Just How Liberal is Hendrix?