Athletics in a Pandemic?

Student athletes find new ways to practice during the remote-learning period. By Josiah Vallone By this time last year, sports teams at Hendrix College were blazing full steam ahead, whether they were playing in the fall or practicing for their spring seasons. This year, new challenges from last-minute plans for remote learning have thrown a wrench in usual sports plans. From interviewing players from different teams, I was able to gain more insight into how Hendrix sports have been coping and how they plan to move forward.  On July 29th of this year, with just a little over two weeks … Continue reading Athletics in a Pandemic?

Farewell to Field Hockey

During the 2019 Spring Semester, the Women’s Field Hockey team received an obscure email for a meeting with the Hendrix Athletic Director, Amy Weaver, and the Assistant Athletic Director, Thad McCracken. “The field hockey group chat blew up,” sophomore Sarah Morris said, “we all got there about five speculating what is happening.” There the team was told that their beloved sport was going to be cut from the Hendrix College Athletic Program. When asked about the reasoning behind this decision, Weaver said, “recruiting sufficient numbers for the sport of field hockey continued to be a challenge.” In addition to finding … Continue reading Farewell to Field Hockey