Around the Corner: Election Day 2020

By Phillip Powell With America a week out from one of its most contentious elections in modern history, it is easy to feel yourself getting lost in the noise from the headlines of the twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, no breaks or vacations, driving-you-up-the-walls news cycle. However, what those headlines get right is that this truly is one of the most consequential elections the student body of Hendrix may ever face, and so many students are voting for the first time. The two major-party candidates voters will choose between are incumbent Republican President Donald Trump, and Democratic … Continue reading Around the Corner: Election Day 2020

Vaccines: Myth v. Fact

During a time of rapidly changing information, it is essential to know where to go to get the latest updates on COVID-19. By Sophia Isely Since there is such a wealth of untrustworthy sources on the internet, it’s easy to assume the government is planning on microchipping us all with the COVID-19 vaccine or that we should simply inject ourselves with disinfectant as a replacement. On the other hand, the reliable and scholarly research about a potential vaccine can seem intimidating— let alone feeling unfamiliar and foreign to the large majority of us who are not immunologists. For many people, … Continue reading Vaccines: Myth v. Fact

The Extreme 2020 Climate Catastrophes

By Danielle Kuntz Over the past few years, weather events that we once considered rare have only become more common. Wildfires blazing across the West Coast and hurricanes that have even affected those of us in Arkansas raise concern for the planet’s health and how it will affect our future as humans. It is our duty to educate ourselves on these current, strange weather events; such events are imperative because they reflect how humans treat the Earth and whether or not we will continue to exist for as long as we would with a healthy planet. In 2020, California has … Continue reading The Extreme 2020 Climate Catastrophes