Just How Liberal is Hendrix?

By Danielle Kuntz When you tell friends or family that you go to Hendrix College, the chances are that they comment about “that liberal school,” and they’re not just talking about the fact that Hendrix is a liberal arts college. No matter how that phrase is understood, Hendrix is known for having a very forward-thinking student body. In light of the 2020 election and the prevalence of activism in the Hendrix community, I was curious as to whether or not we, the students of Hendrix College, are truly as liberal as we think we are. With the help of other … Continue reading Just How Liberal is Hendrix?

Quarantine and Chill??

Knowing how to stay safe during a pandemic is just as important in public as it is during intimacy. By Sophia Isely Editor’s Note: This piece contains explicit mentions of sex and related topics. Many areas of our lives have been upset by COVID-19, and for plenty of us, our sex lives are no exception. But you don’t have to let quarantine dampen your sex life completely. I recently sent out a Quarantine Sexual Health survey to Hendrix students that yielded insightful results. Unsurprisingly, the amount of sex that respondents have been having has decreased. Also, about 70% of survey … Continue reading Quarantine and Chill??

COVID and Self-Care

How to Care for Yourself When Nothing Feels Good. By Jay Vicente Right now, reality feels like a dumpster fire. With the election, racial tensions, and a global pandemic creating a maelstrom of negativity everywhere we look, it’s easy to forget to care for yourself. If you’re anything like me, you’ve gotten caught up in everything that’s been going on and haven’t taken enough time to simply relax and ground yourself recently. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, the following list of self-care tips and tricks can help you keep your mind and body at peace during these … Continue reading COVID and Self-Care

Sex Eye Culture

Shirttails serves as one of the most unifying Hendrix experiences. We all love to cheer on our residence halls, especially when we see the signature moves. But coupled with the signature Raney romp, Veasey crawl, Hardin hard-on, and crowd-favorite Martin push-up is the hyper-sexualization of freshman.  While we emphasize that Shirttails should be a peer-pressure-free environment, we as a Hendrix community inundate the freshman class with hyper-sexualized messages that have become normalized for us upperclassmen. Hendrix’s seemingly sex-positive culture becomes a part of everyday life for those of us that have become familiar with the campus and community. During the … Continue reading Sex Eye Culture