Art and Activism: A Mexican Artist’s Take

By Victor Gomez As far as I can remember, art has always been a part of my life and who I am. The earliest memories I have of making art go back to when my mom and I still lived in Mexico with my grandfather. At that time, art was nothing more than a pastime for me. It wasn’t until I moved to the US that art became a coping mechanism for everything I was experiencing and for the things I couldn’t understand. Art helped me transition into a new life and allowed me to communicate and express myself in … Continue reading Art and Activism: A Mexican Artist’s Take

Continuing the Conversation

Since March, students, faculty, and staff have been taking steps to facilitate talking about race on campus. By Jay Vicente In recent months, America has seen a surge in racist behaviors and racially charged incidents that have shaken this nation to the core. Racism happens everywhere, and as Hendrix students saw at the Cookies and Concerns meeting last semester, can take many forms. Recently, the Student Senate and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion have created new policies to combat racism and encourage diversity at Hendrix; their efforts only increased after the MDC Cookies and Concerns forum. According to Kesha … Continue reading Continuing the Conversation

Orientation and Uncertain Times

By Lauren Allen “You should be super proud of yourself,” Dr. McKim told the students who showed up to her TEC class, Ethics and Hope in Film, a few minutes early. Like many Hendrix professors, McKim understands the unique situation that students are experiencing right now. However, despite the positive affirmations, many students are feeling overwhelmed and under-validated. These feelings are resonating particularly well with Freshmen students. “I think it’s easy to become disillusioned with our school right now, especially because we have no memories tied to the campus yet,” one freshman said. Where classes are concerned, low motivation seems … Continue reading Orientation and Uncertain Times

Learning to Adapt

Students share how their non-traditional class dynamics have changed since transitioning to remote-learning. By Lauren Allen Physical activity (PACT) courses and labs have always been an integral part of a student’s semester at Hendrix. So, how have these classes been going while we are virtual? I interviewed three different students about their experiences thus far. Abigail Rose, a sophomore, took both a lab and a PACT class last year while students were still in person, and is in another PACT course this semester. She says this semester’s PACT class has gone pretty well — considering the circumstances. She credits this … Continue reading Learning to Adapt

Just How Liberal is Hendrix?

By Danielle Kuntz When you tell friends or family that you go to Hendrix College, the chances are that they comment about “that liberal school,” and they’re not just talking about the fact that Hendrix is a liberal arts college. No matter how that phrase is understood, Hendrix is known for having a very forward-thinking student body. In light of the 2020 election and the prevalence of activism in the Hendrix community, I was curious as to whether or not we, the students of Hendrix College, are truly as liberal as we think we are. With the help of other … Continue reading Just How Liberal is Hendrix?