“Policy Battles”: An Intersectional Performance

On Wednesday, December 1st and Friday, December 3rd, Dr. Delphia Shanks and Dr. Gretchen Renshaw will lead “Policy Battles” — the culminating performance of the TEC class, Talk Less, Smile More. This group of first-year students have been studying American politics, government, music, and theatre through the lens of the popular and critically acclaimed Broadway musical, Hamilton.  

“To close the semester, students are putting politics into action through artistic performances of policy debates – The Policy Battles – which is our version of the famous ‘Cabinet Battles’ from ‘Hamilton,’” Dr. Renshaw of the Music Department says. “Audience members can expect to see creative, sometimes humorous, sometimes intense debates about policies on immigration, COVID, and the environment.” The students explored various mediums of performance — some have chosen short skits, some spoken word poetry, some have even stayed true to Hamilton’s original form: rap.  

All students will compete for the events very own “Hammy Awards,” in the categories of “Best Lyrics, Best Individual Performance, Best Duo Performance, Best Use of Costumes/Props/Etc., and Audience Choice.”   

If you are interested in seeing some creative, original, and informative works of writing and performance, be sure to check out “The Policy Battles” this coming Wednesday and Friday from 12:10-1:00 PM in Reves Performance Hall. The students in the class would love to see you there! 

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