Quarantine and Chill??

Knowing how to stay safe during a pandemic is just as important in public as it is during intimacy.

By Sophia Isely

Editor’s Note: This piece contains explicit mentions of sex and related topics.

Many areas of our lives have been upset by COVID-19, and for plenty of us, our sex lives are no exception. But you don’t have to let quarantine dampen your sex life completely. I recently sent out a Quarantine Sexual Health survey to Hendrix students that yielded insightful results. Unsurprisingly, the amount of sex that respondents have been having has decreased. Also, about 70% of survey respondents seemed open to tips about maintaining sexual health during the pandemic. If you are not feeling entirely content with your sex life at the moment, you are not alone! 

If you have a partner that you cannot visit physically, there are some interesting ways to virtually spice up your sex life without ever touching one another. First off, utilize modern technology! Almost everyone has heard of sexting (which is totally cool, too), but Facetime or Skype sex can help you feel that much more connected with your partner. Dirty talk or mutual masturbation can make a super fun time—and you don’t have to include your face or genitals if you don’t want to. If you aren’t comfortable with being verbal, you could watch videos together. Perhaps you have a more creative side; try creating erotic art or writing an erotic piece for your partner. You could try playing a striptease game over the camera—build up anticipation! Most importantly, do whatever you and your partner are comfortable with, and don’t let physical distance discourage you.

If you have ended up in quarantine with a partner, you can also do anything mentioned above—except in person. As long as it is entirely consensual and you are not harming yourself or any other parties, then consider exploring new kinks. If your sex life with your partner seems stagnant, you could try something brand-spanking-new.  Don’t feel embarrassed about what you enjoy; it’s nearly a guarantee that any kink you have thought of has been tried before.  

As you have probably heard many times before, you are your best sex partner—no one knows your body as well as you do! That being said, masturbation can be a suitable replacement for sex with a partner during this time of social distancing. According to the survey results, those of you that are having less sex have been masturbating more. Props to you! If you are by yourself (or even with a partner), one way to intensify your masturbation is by trying a sex toy. 65% of survey respondents had never used a sex toy before COVID-19, and 61% have still not ever used a sex toy. First off, I want to encourage you to browse the internet’s vast selection. It is worth mentioning that many adult shops ship in discreet packaging, in case you live with family or roommates. There are numerous vibrators in many different shapes and sizes, depending on the strength and area of your desired vibrations. Some toys are specially crafted for my trans pals out there, like specific masturbation sleeves. If you enjoy penetration, there are dildos in literally any shape, size, or color that you could imagine. Seriously, look it up if you don’t believe me. You won’t know what you like until you experiment.

Perhaps most importantly, you must be conscientious about still practicing safe sex during such strange times. Try to only have virtual sex with partners you trust—especially when a photo could be taken that includes your face. If you decide to try a sex toy, make sure you practice good hygiene to avoid infections. Lastly, if you and your partner make the decision to have sex and you aren’t quarantined together, it is best to avoid oral interactions—including kissing—and to have sex in positions where you are not facing one another. That being said, these measures will still not entirely eliminate your COVID-19 risk. At the end of the day, just be mindful of your decisions when finding the best way to get your groove on!

This article was featured in the Issues Issue. Check out the Issues Issue in its full glory here.

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