Learning to Adapt

Students share how their non-traditional class dynamics have changed since transitioning to remote-learning.

By Lauren Allen

Physical activity (PACT) courses and labs have always been an integral part of a student’s semester at Hendrix. So, how have these classes been going while we are virtual? I interviewed three different students about their experiences thus far. Abigail Rose, a sophomore, took both a lab and a PACT class last year while students were still in person, and is in another PACT course this semester. She says this semester’s PACT class has gone pretty well — considering the circumstances. She credits this to the instructor, “[who has] still been able to make it engaging and fun” despite being virtual. Abigail also told me that her lab class has been easier online – the downside to this is that a lot of the work “feels like busywork.” “I don’t feel like I’m learning anything, but [the labs are] also very easy, so it’s a win-lose situation,” Abigail said in the interview. 

On the other hand, Somi Matthews, a freshman, has had a largely positive experience in her lab class so far. She likes being able to “connect with professors and students anytime [she] needs to.” Most of these reactions can be expected — it’s hard to mimic one hundred percent of the in-person experience while online. However, some students say that the stress of online classes has negatively impacted their grades. Sophomore Courtney Cranton noted that not having the proper equipment or space for her exercises in PACT has caused her trouble. In addition, poor wifi has been “really stressful,” as she is only allowed to have three absences in her PACT. While professors are trying their hardest to adjust their teaching into a virtual style, students have shared a wide range of experiences that are both negative and positive.

If you are having persistent issues with a class or professor, you can contact the Academic Policy representative, Kavi Modi, at modiKV@hendrix.edu.

This article was featured in the Issues Issue. Check out the Issues Issue in its full glory here.

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