Couch Acoustic: A Summary

Couch Acoustic did not fail to delight and enthrall Hendrix students this year. Put on annually by Couch Hall Council, the event is a night of talent, laughs and all-around good feelings. Upon arrival, several helpful Couchies milled about, pointing audience members to the food table. After grabbing plates full of pizza rolls, candy and fruit snacks, guests were pointed to inviting seating area to watch the show.

Couch Hall has a decidedly untapped well of talent hidden within its walls. The first act of the night was Joshua McNair. He sang several sweet songs to the absolute astonishment of the crowd. There were several more singers, like Avery Bruce. The ultimate dynamic duo, Joey and Daniel, was a last-minute addition that had every audience member roaring with laughter. After, Couch’s very own Meaty Thwack took the stage. Tristam Williams Thompson and Lukas Doan came up with the rather unorthodox band name after an enthusiastic hello in their music theory class. The band performed four songs. Two were covers, but some—like “Jars” and “Ronald Reagan”—were originals.

It was Meaty Thwack’s first gig, but they said they would love to do shows around Conway. Doan described the event as “the most fun thing that Couch does.” Both Doan and Williams Thompson believe that the best thing about the crowd was the reactions that they got. “There was great energy all around,” they said.

After Meaty Thwack, Ashley Juniewicz and Joseph Winningham took the stage. The couple sang two songs that blew the crowd away. Juniewicz is a very talented soprano, and Winningham is an amazing guitar player. When asked how she feels about Couch Acoustic, Juniewicz said that she loved it. “It was a lot of fun to perform in front of my friends, and it was generally a great atmosphere,” she said. The duo left the stage to rowdy cheers and voracious clapping. The rest of the night went by smoothly. Couch Acoustic 2019 ended with a performance by Anna Brannon and Raven Johnson. They sang two heart-melting songs amid the bright lights and chilly October air.

The night was a success on all accounts. Couch President Oli Steven-Assheuer described Couch Acoustic as a “great chance as a dorm to bond. “It’s really nice to have everyone together,” he said. He has never performed in the event but says that he “fell in love” with it last year. Steven-Assheuer was determined to make this time better than the last.

Couch Acoustic is just one of the many Couch centered events this year; Couchella and Glow Fest are two other events that Hendrix students have to look forward to. As the lights faded and the air hummed with positive vibes and the faint scent of pizza rolls, Couchies took to the lobby with Taco Bell after a night of song, laughter, and the characteristic familial atmosphere the dorm has as a whole.

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