VIDEO STORY: Hendrix Strikes for Climate Action

In September, Hendrix students assembled in the brick pit to strike for climate action, joining the 7.6 million people participating in a global climate strike. After sign-making and writing calls to action on the bricks in chalk, Hendrix students and professors marched into the community of downtown Conway. Hear their bold voices and read their energizing signs in the video below!


Senior Darian Dyer, a strike organizer, says the students were motivated by a desire to “make a mark.” Calling on the Hendrix values, Dyer says the strike represents “what we’re supposed to do as an engaged citizen.”

Fellow organizer and the Profile‘s own editor-in-chief Jessica Emerson added, “I think that Hendrix students are some of the most engaging and excited students in Arkansas. I think Hendrix students have a large voice, and they have a lot of opinions.”

“If we all came together and really took charge, I think we could make change in our state,” Emerson said.

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