Murphy Scholars look ahead to Summer Language Programs


Each Summer, students embark on exciting adventures thanks to funding provided by Hendrix-Murphy.  Projects submitted during the February cycle have been announced, and approved projects from the April funding cycle will be soon.   Both Murphy Scholars and non-Murphy Scholars are able to reap the benefits of this program, as non-Murphy Scholars can receive money from Murphy general funds.  This summer, Murphy Scholars Sara Adachi and Emma Gimenez will be participating in language intensive programs in Seoul, South Korea, and Bologna, Italy, respectively.  Here is what they had to say about their upcoming experiences.
Why did you choose to pursue this language program?

Sara Adachi:I was originally interested in Korean culture and language when I was in elementary school as most of my friends were Korean. I would always be amazed when they spoke Korean with each other while speaking in Japanese or English with me. I tried to learn Korean but my main academic goal at that time was to learn English and eventually attend to an university abroad. I was able to achieve my goal of attending to an university in the US and I thought that it may be time to pursue my interest in Korean culture and language. Moreover, I became interested in the historical issues and political relationship between South Korea and Japan through my high school education. I figured that visiting South Korea and participating in the language program will help me have a better understanding of the political atmosphere in South Korea as well as developing my Korean.

Emma Gimenez:I chose this language program because I have been studying Italian on my own with a book for five years now and I have never had the chance to have a formal language education in Italian.

What do you hope to gain this experience?

Sara:My main goal is to develop my Korean, but I also wish to experience the local Korean culture as well as the lifestyle of a typical South Korean university student.

Emma:I hope to practice the Italian that I have learned and improve to an advanced level. By living with Italians of my same age, I also hope to be fully immersed in the Italian culture and gain insight into what it’s like to live in Italy!

How has being a Murphy Scholar impacted your decision to pursue this opportunity?

Sara:I decided to participate in this language program before I knew I was a Murphy Scholar, but after I was accepted as a Murphy Scholar I was able to recognize the importance of language to me. As a bilingual Japanese student, I encounter various issues and disadvantages of being bilingual. However, being accepted as a Murphy Scholar pushed me to explore other cultures and languages. Moreover, I have decided to continue exploring Korean culture and language academically and more than just a hobby.

Emma:The Murphy program is helping me pursue my passion for languages. There is no way I’d be able to do this program otherwise and I am extremely grateful for that. Being a Murphy Scholar also prompts me to follow my language self-education more diligently as I can create programs such as this to enhance it and not leave it in the back burner.

What aspect of the program, or of Seoul/Italy, you most excited for? 

Sara:I am most excited to experience the lifestyle. My main goal is to study Korean but I can do that without being in South Korea. I think what makes this opportunity special is being able to study a language that is widely spoken in the country. Additionally, the political atmosphere in South Korea is very different and I hope to see the differences through exploring Seoul and meeting people.

Emma:I’m most excited to put into practice the Italian that I have been reading and writing about in a book and use it in everyday situations to live and interact with those around me.


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