Soccer Mommy Comes to Hendrix

Proud Gemini and bedroom-pop artist Soccer Mommy performed at Hendrix on Feb 6 alongside Texan duo Hovvdy. Hendrix College Student Activities hosted the concert in Worsham; it was free and open to the public.

Summer Mommy is the stage name for Nashville native Sophie Allison. In 2015, the singer-songwriter began posting her music online, and her career took off when she returned from college in New York to pursue music in Nashville. In 2018, she opened for Paramore and Foster the People on the After Laughter Summer Tour. Later this year, she’ll tour with country artist Kacey Musgraves—who recently took home four Grammys, including Album of the Year—and perform at The Governor’s Ball and Coachella.

Before signing a deal with Fat Possum Records, Soccer Mommy gathered a large fan base on Bandcamp, a site for publishing and discovering music. There, she released DIY albums recorded in her bedroom, like “songs for the recently sad,” “for young hearts,” and “last girl/be seeing you.” Her songs about unrequited love, complex relationships, and heartbreak wooed Hendrix students and other attendees just a few days before Valentine’s Day. It was a refreshing concert full of honest and vulnerable music.

Soccer Mommy has been hailed as one of the most relatable rising indie artists. Her fanbase has grown significantly since her debut album, Clean, was released in early 2018. Fat Possum Record’s website describes Cleanas, “an emotional album, heavy on themes of growth, isolation, and change, but balanced by a lightness of touch, and with hooks to spare.” Allison refers to her music as “chill but kinda sad,” with song titles to match: “Benadryl Dreams,” “Skinned Knees”, and “Blood Honey,” to name a few.

Influences like Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne are obvious in Soccer Mommy’s songs, which lean heavily on nostalgic pop from the mid-2000s. Clean’s most popular song,YourDog, features plenty of guitar riffs and a bold bass line. The music video solidifies Soccer Mommy’s unique aesthetic: “I’m not a prop for you to use / When you’re lonely or confused,” she sings as she dances around what looks like a dead body. It’s an empowering song about refusing to be taken advantage of any longer; her lyrics are honest, and her voice is full of emotion. Another favorite, “Cool,” features a grainy, 90s-worthy video of Soccer Mommy singing in the middle of an empty football field. As the scene switches to a shot of the band performing in front of a solid yellow background, the camera reveals a necklace that reads “Hot Topic” hanging around Allison’s neck.

Many students who attended the concert got a good feel for Soccer Mommy’s style, but for those yet to hear her music, one Youtube comment sums it up nicely for fans of Parks and Rec: “This is what I imagine if April had to fill in for Andy in Mouse Rat.”

Another concert attendee said, “Soccer Mommy is a surprisingly good performance artist. I hadn’t heard of them before now.”

For another, “Soccer Mommy is a new favorite for me.”

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