Beach volleyball coming to Hendrix

Beach volleyball is the fastest growing NCAA sport in the country. Hendrix has caught on to the trend and now stands as the fifth DIII school in the country with a beach volleyball team. Assistant volleyball coach and Hendrix alumnus MC Rogers will lead the team as head coach. “It’s an amazing sport that’s growing rapidly throughout the country, and I’m
very excited to introduce it to the Hendrix community,” Rogers stated.

In many ways, beach volleyball is more difficult than normal court volleyball, because sand makes every movement more challenging. Players have to get their “sand legs” before their movements can be coordinated, and there are several rule changes. And while indoor volleyball has six players per side, beach volleyball has two per side, changing the team dynamic. That difference in player count means indoor volleyball requires specialization, where beach volleyball requires players to be versed in every skill—passing, setting, serving, and hitting. Players can’t sub in or out and have much less access to their coaches during games; they have to solve their
own problems. Weather is also a big factor, with sun, wind, and rain needing to be factored into strategy, and players are often barefoot. Considering these factors along with the team’s newness, it makes sense that the Hendrix team is still
pretty small.
Right now, eight indoor players are interested in playing this spring, but the program is hoping to get at least six more the following spring. That will make the first official competition season the spring of 2020; however, this spring the team will be practicing and hopes to start scrimmaging teams in the area.
Despite it being a tricky sport, Rogers remains excited and hopes to see the Hendrix community at many of games. “Anyone can get involved by coming to support during competitions. We love having fans to celebrate with!”


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