Charity event name changes

Two campus organizations—Advocates for World Health and Campus Kitty—are currently considering name changes for their most popular charity events. While the circumstances of these possible changes are different, both reflect an outcry from the Hendrix community to ensure that the events reflect values important to students, including tolerance and diversity.

In light of last year’s flagrant display of cultural appropriation by a few Date Auction participants, Dean Wiltgen, along with many students, has encouraged a name change in order to rebrand the event. Any name change will take effect during the 2019-2020 school year, although other changes will take place this year, according to AWH President Rachel Chenault. Dean Wiltgen has approved a new set of guidelines, and the organization is broadening the scope of the fundraiser, selling posters along with the dates, which will be auctioned off. As for a future name change, the club is considering ‘AWH Auction’ or just ‘Charity Auction’. If the auction is successful this year, it could branch out into selling AWH tee-shirts, lunch with the Dean, and even student art. However, if students are not receptive to this year’s auction, the group might need to invent a new fundraising event.

Faculty Advisor to Campus Kitty, Tonya Hale, explained the possible name changes for the Miss Hendrix pageant. Since the contest opened itself to drag kings two years ago, it no longer makes sense to crown a masculine-presenting alter-ego “Miss” Hendrix. One possible alternative is “Mx. Hendrix.” As usual, Campus Kitty will host the competition this March, and the name change will have no bearing on the content of the competition.

Name change3,aliceName change5,Alice

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