“Wet” leaves strange yet heartwarming impression

IMG_7682Walking into the play on Saturday, February 24, I knew only two things.  First of all, that the title was Wet, Or Isabella the Pirate Queen Enters the Horse Latitudes, and secondly that it somehow involved a drag queen.  Besides that, I knew absolutely nothing about the plot or where the story would go.  The last thing I expected, however, IMG_7570was for the show to almost not happen.  Around fifteen minutes before the show was set to start, the power went out, as a result of the awful rain that had been tormenting Conway for the better part of the week.  This was the last show, and after staying put for around 30 minutes, the cast and director came out on stage to announce that, unfortunately, the show would not be happening,

IMG_8004After showing off their costumes, and as they were going to take their final bows, some of the lights began to come back on.  Eventually they got the all clear that the power was completely restored, and the cast ran back stage IMG_8199to prepare for the show.  Despite thinking five minutes prior that the show wouldn’t be taking place, the cast managed to jump right into character and delivered a great performance.  The plot of the show, although wild and at times a bit confusing, still made for an interesting way to spend an afternoon.  Isabella the Pirate Queen, along with her fellow pirates, take over the ship of sailors, after bad storms left both of the crews desolate.  The show includes a Countess Drag Queen, a pirate with powers from a lightning strike, lots of sexual innuendos, use of the word “fark,” and, surprisingly, plenty of romance.

IMG_7632The costumes were awesome.  Both the outfits of the pirates and the sailors, the two groups in the play, were well thought out, creative, and individualistic.  The set was well designed, and fit the small size of the stage really well.  All of the actors involved gave good performances, and worked really well together as an ensemble. Everyone had excellent chemistry and played well off of each other, a necessary thing in Wet where practically all of the characters end up together.  The play itself was equal parts strange and heartwarming.  I left the theater not sure exactly what I was supposed to feel, but it did certainly leave an impression.


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