Creative Quad and The Renovation of Hendrix Dorms

President Tsutsui seemed aware when I sat down with him in his office, that the quality of Hendrix dorms is a concern of the students.

“We can’t keep kicking this can down the road,” President William Tsutsui said in regards to Hendrix dorm renovations.


IMG_3435Hendrix is working with an architectural firm to decide the plans for renovation. The firm is doing a complete study in changes for dorms. They will tell us more than to give the buildings an extra coat of paint.  Bathrooms, common spaces, and air conditioning they will recommend things in terms of expense. Galloway is the best Rainey rooms are small may have to make them into singles. The board of trustees has started a plan to renovate the Hendrix dorms over the next several years. The crux of this project will center around the development of the Creative Quad: a giant art and living facility which will replace the area that is now Hulen hall.

The top of the facility will be made up of 100 dorm rooms. President Tsutsui estimates that renovations for each dorm will take up to a year each. The president’s plan is to close one dorm each year. The creative quad will serve as a residence for students who would have lived in the renovated dorm. The creative quad will be mostly made of singles for upperclassman.

“The inside of the building will break away from what we have done in the past, but the outside will be very traditional.” Dean Wiltgen said describing the building.

The bottom half of the Creative Quad will be an art facility for students. Film studies are becoming a more dynamic program so the bottom floor will feature a movie theater for class screenings. The pottery and sculpture facilities will stay in the Art Building.

A large portion of the bottom floor is posed to be an art museum with student-run shows and a curator. This addition will give students a chance to have a real-world art experience. The art gallery is slated to be two stories tall. The rest of the Creative Quad will be made of art offices and musical practice facilities.

“Trieschmann is like a Russian prison humidity is terrible down there is a lot about the building we need to fix,” Tsutsui said. Some of the musical instruments in Trieshman are going to be moved to the creative quad.

There is 36 million is an initial cost on the creative quad.” Dean Wiltgen told me. Hopefully, the firm will make the cost lower. The creative quad will be financed it through donated money. Historically, though donors are not as excited about renovation projects as they are about new buildings. It’s hard to get them to give donations, but according to Dean Wiltgen fundraising is going well.

“Hopefully we will break ground next year.” President Tsutsui said

“Fall 2018 would be the soonest we could get started,” Provost Terri Bonewright said “But don’t get peoples hopes up. It all depends on fundraising.”


Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in the print edition of The Profile

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