Comfort Animal Spotlight: Meet Five of Hendrix’s Furry Friends

It seems as though each year, more students have comfort animals. The required yellow papers that are posted outside apartment and dorm room doors that inform the community of these animals have become more common, but the animals stay behind the doors and their yellow signs. This story opens the door and invites you to meet a few of Hendrix’s comfort animals.

1. Liz

IMG_2777Hey there. My name is Liz. It’s short for Lizard. I don’t have a tail, which means that I can’t sit like other cats, but it doesn’t bother me. I love to play fetch, but only with a string, because I think it’s a snake. I consider myself the protector of this apartment: I welcome all who arrive, but if they hide behind doors, I will stalk them, just to remind them who is in charge. I’m a big advocate of the Cup Policy on campus: I only drink out of plastic Hendrix Cups. They’re great, everyone should try them! When I’m by myself, I like to watch the peasants outside the windows. If I’m lucky, my owner will leave the window open and I can sit out on the ledge. It’s a risky move, I know, but what can I say? I’m a risky cat.

2. Noodle


Hi! I’m Noodle! Can I come snuggle you? You look like someone who wants to pet me. Okay, I’ll come right over. My favorite things to do are play and snuggle. I love to play. I play with orange feathers on strings, run up and down the stairs and play hockey with my litterbox bits. Sometimes, I get stuck when I’m playing. Like, one time I got stuck on the top of the fridge and this other time I climbed into a yarn pile and got totally tangled. But, if I yell enough, someone will always come to my rescue. Wait! Are you distracted? Here, come pet me! We can snuggle all day long.

3. Otis

IMG_2776Hello! I’m Otis. I’m a Chihuahua terrier. I may look tiny, but that does not mean you can give me any less attention. I have a great vertical, so if you think that I can’t jump somewhere, you’re wrong. I dive off the bed every morning. I’m super friendly and love to chase the squirrels and cats on campus, but they don’t seem to like me as much. I’m not very good at being friends with stuffed animals either. I play with them so much that the stuffing always falls out. What can I say? I play a lot. Always remember that playing with me is more important than what you’re doing. Want to come play? We can race to the laundry room!


4. Anderson Coopurr


Hello, there. I’m Anderson Coopurr. It’s nice to meet you. Welcome inside. Would you like to pet me? I take attention in any form I can get. I love people and am very affectionate. I’m also pretty clumsy and when I run around I knock all sorts of things over. Sometimes, my owner will dress me up in baby clothes. I let him. I’m pretty laid back like that. Food is the best thing ever, especially Popeye’s chicken and bacon. Oh, are you trying to write something? Here, let me nudge your pencil. Oh, that’s nice, can you get that spot right there, a little to the left? Purr-fect. Just like that.



5. Evie

IMG_3865 (1)Oh, you want to get to know me? No thanks, I’ll stay over here. I like it under the bed. No, I’m not affectionate. No, I don’t like people. But I love food. Food is my favorite. I wake up at 6 am so that I can eat. I love having a comfort animal, my owner. I bet you didn’t see that one coming, did you? She is
great. She protects me from my mean younger sister. I spend most of my time hiding: in shelves, under beds and closets. College has been great. It was hard at first, but now I have all the best hiding spots and snacks a cat could ask for.

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