Binge-worthy Shows to Fight Summer Boredom

Netflix is the place to spend free time for most Hendrix Students. As summer is coming up, here is a guide to the best shows that will help you continue the unhealthy but so satisfying habit of disappearing into binge-worthy television

13 Reasons Why is the most recent in Netflix’s string of successful original shows, and perhaps the most poignant. It has the allure of the “relatable teen” setting, but what has really hooked watchers is its depth. It addresses huge issues facing teens today like depression and sexual assault, and attempts to deliver a powerful message: words can do massive damage.

One of  Netflix’s newest shows is a remake of a classic: Bill Nye Saves the World. As the name implies, Nye is set on a more serious scientific mission than before: educating people about climate change. Everything about the show screams targeting millennials, so hopefully it will not lean too heavily on the sometimes cringeworthy puns of Dr. Nye. There are signs he could get a little more mature, with enigmatic rapper Tyler the Creator creating the theme song.

There are a couple shows worth binging before they get yet another season to catch up on. Shameless is about as raunchy as Netflix gets, and is twice as addicting as it is unsettling. Yes, the Gallagher family has absolutely no shame, but the characters and writing make its audience wonder if that really matters at all. The first six seasons of the show were added last year, so people are rushing to binge it all before season seven makes it onto Netflix.

House of Cards,  one of Netflix’s most beloved originals, also has a new season coming up, so there’s never been a better time to binge the gripping political drama.

As the summer goes on, more and more shows will get added on to Netflix for our collective enjoyment. Until then, get to know, get caught up, and get addicted to the shows listed above.


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