New Senate Officers Sworn In

Last month, the new Student Senate was sworn into office. As old senate members turn over their duties to the new senate, a lot of questions arise regarding what the new Student Senate will attempt to achieve. The new body of senators and executives shared that they have quite a few goals and tasks that they have laid out for the upcoming academic year.

One of these new officers is freshman Nina Faidley, who will serve as the residence senator for the Houses next year. For Faidley, the main goal of Senate is to make sure that the several different aspects of the college are running smoothly. She hopes that Senate this year will be able to continue to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of student organizations and offices.

One issue that Faidley sees Senate trying to resolve currently is acquiring a new printer in the Oathout Technology Center. While this issue may seem small, Faidley said, this would be something that would help the entire student body.

Jordan Borst was elected President of the Student Senate. Borst also had the chance to serve on the previous senate. Borst said that while last year’s senate was very successful in tackling issues regarding some misconceptions of Senate including that Senate does not care or that Senate does not do anything, Borst hopes to be even more successful.

“I want to continue that trend, but focus more on outreach and clarity about what Senate does and how we help students,” Borst said.

The aspect of this year’s Senate that Borst is most excited about is the ability to work with other students on programs and issues that help bring the Hendrix community together. Borst stated that when Hendrix students come together they are able to achieve great work.

While Borst stated that there is not an overarching goal that the Senate hopes to achieve this year, Borst does hope to continue to expand the effectiveness of the working groups that Senate has created. Currently, there are working groups for issues such diversity and for mental health. These groups are temporary bodies which senate members and at-large students are able to sit on and attempt to address concerns regarding their working group.

As president, Jordan Borst also plans to reach out more to the Hendrix Community.

“I plan on sending out fireside emails to communicate what Senate is doing,” Borst said.

Borst hopes to create a stronger connection with Senate and the student body to ensure that Senate continues to develop its relationship with students.

Borst and Faidley both expressed their desire to see students become more involved in Senate, even if they are not a Senate member. Whether they are applying for at-large positions or simply attending the Senate’s weekly meetings, Borst and Faidley stated that Senate is most successful when students take an active role in shaping and influencing its actions.


Photo Credit: Aditya Katke

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