Q&A with Katya

In preparation for Miss Hendrix, get to know visiting performer Katya Zamolodchikova a little better.


Profile: How did you find your drag mother and how did they inspire you?
Katya: I don’t have a drag mother, I am from a drag orphanage and the mother of the house is Becca D’Bus
P: What advice do you have to young drag queens, or those who want to get started with drag, but don’t know how?
K: My advice is “Don’t!” There are too many drag queens. Become an immigration lawyer.
P: What make up items are you obsessed with right now?
K: I’m currently obsessed with Elmer’s glue stick. But it’s not a fun obsession, it’s more of a personal vendetta. 
P:Do you have any upcoming projects??
K: I have a stage show I’m working on as well as a new digital series and both are going to be amazing!
P: It’s often a struggle for people our age to find themselves, how did you?
K: I’m still looking. I’ll keep you posted.
P: First celebrity crush?
K: Jean-Claude Van Damme
P: Favorite city?
K: Brighton, England
P: Biggest pet peeve?
K: When someone farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.

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