Five Romantic Spots on Campus for Introverts

Hendrix parties are fun, but Martin and Worsham are not many introverted couples’ idea of a romantic date location. Sometimes, it is nice to get away from all of the noise and stress of college life and just relax with someone you like. However, finding quiet places on campus can be hard at such a small college. The following list details the most beautiful, serene spots at Hendrix.


  1. The Gazebo by Trieschmann

This is perhaps the most iconic place to take a date on campus. On spring days when all of the flowers are blooming, people from around Conway flock here to take pictures. Evenings, however, offer sweet seclusion thanks, in part, to shrubs blocking passerbys’ view of the gazebo’s occupants.


  1. By the Fireplace in Murphy House

On cold days, lounging on the comfortable furniture by the fireplace in Murphy House is a great idea. Grab a cup of tea in the kitchen and a poetry book off the shelf, then settle in for a few hours of reading with your significant other. This “old-fashioned” date is a refreshing escape from the technological overload of everyday life.


  1. The Turtle Pond

This hidden circle of benches is a great place to lay and look up at the stars on a warm spring night. Talk about life or just relax and listen to nature and the bubbling fountain. Away from much of the activity on campus, it is unlikely that a couple sitting by the Turtle Pond would be disturbed by passersby.


  1. The Nature Trails

Out past The Village, these scenic paths are a great place to get away from academia and back to nature. Strolling around the trails is great for getting to know someone or just quietly reflecting on life. For those who want to experience the beauty of this area without all of the walking, there are stylish wooden benches and a play area near the beginning of the trail.


  1. Hammocks by the Sand Volleyball Court

For those who like both nature and taking naps, hammocking is the best of both worlds. Two-person hammocks are a particularly cozy way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon. When the weather gets warm, play tropical music and imagine rocking in the gentle ocean breeze, far removed from the stress of exams and papers.

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